Make a long story short ...

Prior to my graduation from Hangzhou University (now Zhejiang University) in Economics in 1982, in China, I worked in the chemical industry for six years as an electrician, and later a manager.  I received my master degree in Management from Fudan University in 1984.  After graduation, I served as an assistant professor, and later as an associate professor at Hangzhou University teaching courses in Management and Organizational Behavior from 1985 to 1988.  As a visiting scholar in Management Department at the University of Georgia from 1988 to 1992, I participated in cross-cultural research dealing with a managerial strategy-outcome model for employee motivation; equity theory; and human resource management.  After I received my DBA from Mississippi State University in 1998, I taught Fundamentals of Management and International Management at the University of Central Oklahoma till the end of 1999.   Since then, I have been teaching Cross-Cultural Management, Organizational Behavior, Multinationals and Globalization, Management and Organizational Behavior, and International Management at the University of Houston - Victoria.

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