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Refereed Publications

Durmaz, Nazif (Forthcoming), “Industry Level J-Curve in Turkey,” Accepted for publication, Journal of Economic Studies.

Durmaz, Nazif and Jaehyuk Lee (Forthcoming), “An Empirical Analysis of Import Demand Function for Turkey: An ARDL Bounds Testing Approach,” Accepted for publication, Journal of Developing Areas.

Kagochi, John and Nazif Durmaz (2014), “Transfer Students from Two-year Institutions to Four-year Institutions at the Course-Level: A Case of Minority Students Population,” International Journal of Education Economics and Development 5-3, 257-266.

Durmaz, Nazif (2014), “Inventories of Asian Textile Producers, US Cotton Exports, and the Exchange Rate,” Panoeconomicus 61-4, 397-413.

Durmaz, Nazif and Henry Thompson (2013), “US Cotton Exports and Bilateral Exchange Rates,” Agricultural Economics Review 14-1, 5-15.

Soylu, Ali and Nazif Durmaz (2013), “Profitability of Interest-free vs. Interest-based Banks in Turkey,” Australian Economic Review 46-2, 176-188.

Kim, Hyeongwoo and Nazif Durmaz (2012), “Bias Correction and Out of Sample Forecast Accuracy,” International Journal of Forecasting 28, 575-586.

Cheng, Ka Ming, Nazif Durmaz, Hyeongwoo Kim, and Michael Stern (2012), “Hysteresis vs. Natural Rate of US Unemployment,” Economic Modelling 29-2, 428-434.

Durmaz, Nazif (2011), “Housing Prices and Fundamentals: Role of Supply Shifter,” Economics Bulletin 31-3, 2468-2479.


Working Papers

“Impact of Climate Change on US Corn Production: Evidence from Panel Study,” June 2014 (with Jaehyuk Lee), revision requested at the International Journal of Social Economics.

“Foreign Direct Investments, Democracy, and Economic Growth in Turkey,” February 2015, under review

“Exchange Rate Volatility and Turkish Commodity Trade with the Rest of the World,” February 2015 (with Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee), under review

“Revisiting Determinants of Banking Crises in the US: 1975 to 2011,” February 2015 (with Hasan Alpat), under review

“Assessing Inter-Regional Trade in Africa using Gravity Model Approach,” October 2014 (with John Kagochi), under review

“Economic Freedom and Determinants of Banking Crises in Developing Countries,” June 2014 (with Hasan Alpat), under review

“Further evidence on Turkish–US commodity data,” January 2015, in progress

“Environmental Kuznets Curve and Implications for Sustainable Development: Carbon Emissions,” June 2014 (with Jaehyuk Lee) in progress

“Democracy and Inter-regional Trade Enhancement in Sub-Saharan Africa,” March 2014 (with John Kagochi), in progress

“Pay and performance in European professional soccer,” March 2014 (with Jaehyuk Lee), in progress

“The Impact of Banking Sectors on Regional Economic Development in Turkey,” May 2013 (with Jaehyuk Lee and Ali Soylu) in progress

“Impact of Climate Change on US Soybean Production: Evidence from Panel Study,” May 2012 (with Jaehyuk Lee) in progress 

“Impact of Climate Change on Crop Production in Black Belt Region,” April 2012 (with Jaehyuk Lee) in progress

“Are Components of Democracy Effective in Reducing Crime Rates?,” April 2012 (with Benhua Yang) in progress